Leslie Dowler CD(DONA)



Delta, BC 


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Postpartum Services

Did you know that you can also get doula help postpartum? Are you struggling with feeding? Feeling overwhelmed? Do you need physical help while your body heals from birth? Maybe you just need some moral support and someone to provide a bit of guidance. A postpartum doula is someone who is trained in infant care and development, understands the physical healing process of birth, and has training to recognize the difference between normal challenges and when to seek medical attention. 

As a postpartum doula I will come to your home and help with baby care, light housework, and be sure that you are getting the rest and support that you need in the early weeks of parenthood.  I can accompany you to medical appointments,  care for the baby while you shower or rest, and help you to emotionally process your birth and early weeks with your baby.   We will discuss the specific needs of your family and work out a plan which could range from 4 hours once per week to full time round-the-clock care. My goal as your doula is to ease your transition into parenthood and give you the confidence to be the parent you want to be. Did you become a parent through adoption or surrogacy? If so, your family can benefit too. Doula services are designed to support the new family, whether that includes the birthing person or not. 

Postpartum doula service can be booked at any time, it is not limited to a specific age range. I am also available for short term care during surgical recovery or long term care for families struggling with parental illness or absence. 


Postpartum support is $30/hr and are billed weekly. Packages are available, please inquire. 

Shift lengths:

Days (4-8 hrs) 

Nights (8-12 hrs)